Integrative health coaching

Udaya will work with you to customize a plan toward optimal health based on your goals. Areas for coaching include, but are not limited to, avoiding or controlling diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. She will be happy to collaborate with your Western or Eastern primary care provider as needed.


Intuition yoga

Udaya will lead you in a signature Sivananda-based yoga vinyasa (flow) designed for yogis that are familiar with the asanas and can respond to verbal guidance. Udaya will guide (not practice) and confidently engage in physical adjustments as needed and wanted. Udaya has designed this series of poses for optimal integration of the mind-spirit-body systems.


group coaching for nutrition, meditation or preventative health sessions (corporate wellness included)

Udaya will facilitate your chosen health topic-driven sessions, meditation, or breath work

USOLI PAY Schedule

Complementary Consult

For Middle and High Income Clients:
1 hr Visit (90 USD)
Six 1 hr Visits (500 USD)

1 hr Group Visit (100 USD)

Six 1 hr Group Visits (600 USD)

Group Visit Max 4 people, If more people, purchase more than one group.
Students and Low Income Clients (Donation) Call 443-414-2831 to book your appointment by donation
Yoga See the Infinite Health and Wellness Center schedule and sign up for classes there:

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