Udaya is the founder of USOLI Care.

She is an Integrative Health Practitioner with certifications in health coaching, yoga, and is a Johns Hopkins University Master’s prepared and Board Certified primary care nurse practitioner and public health specialist.

Udaya will assist you in co-creating a care plan where you may achieve and maintain your optimal health.

Udaya works with people who want to make changes to their health and well being so they can live to their optimal health. She utilizes nursing philosophy and evidenced-based approaches and this makes her clients feel safe in their vulnerable moments.

Udaya has experience training on several continents (15 countries) and was deemed Master Trainer for a Johns Hopkins University-based public health organization.

She would love to work with you at whatever stage you are in your own personal journey.

Originally from India, raised in Ohio by her beloved Indian parents and two loving siblings, Udaya has been exposed to both Western and Eastern modalities of care from birth. Her parents encouraged her to focus on the best of both worlds and integrate them into her life’s work. She followed her father on hospital and hospice rounds, watched him do head stands and sit in lotus (he still sits in lotus at 75 years old) and observed and assisted her mother in making nutritious and balanced whole food meals from scratch on a daily basis. This is the foundation she propelled forward with as she went through school, relationships, travel and work. Always looking for the silver lining, she relates the physical challenges she has faced as an opportunity to learn and serve her patients/clients better. She looks forward to serving you to obtain and sustain optimal health.

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