It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter by Udaya –inspired by hospice work Feb 2016

It doesn’t matter if you were the top statistician in your field

When the time comes, you might not be able to communicate 2+2

Were you loved? That’s what matters


It doesn’t matter if you had the biggest yacht in the yard

When the days are near, you might not be able to see the hand in front of you

Did you gaze deeply into the eyes of another? That’s what matters


It doesn’t matter if you had two PhDs and a Nobel prize

When fire catches all the books in the library, your written work will be gone

Did you pass on your knowledge to others? That’s what matters


It doesn’t matter if you had the biggest bank account on the block

When you can’t control your bodily functions, you can’t buy them back

Did you share your abundance with others? That’s what matters


It doesn’t matter if you were the chief of a hospital or village

When your days are numbered you might not be able to even sit in your chair

Did you teach others to serve as they lead? That’s what matters.


It doesn’t matter if you had 5 children and 10 grandchildren

When you take your last breath, you leave behind the lessons that you taught.

Did you give unconditional love to all of them? That’s what matters.


It doesn’t matter if you loved yesterday or plan to love someone tomorrow

When you can’t speak, eat or drink, your spirit is no longer recognizable

Did you love today and every day, every hour, every minute? That’s what matters.


Love is what matters. Love in every shape and form. Love your being, love your life, love your work, love others, love the earth. Always exude love and you will be loved in this life and the next. Love is all that matters.


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Are you grounded?

When we moved into our new apartment on the 7th floor, I questioned if I would really feel at home so far away from the ground. Living next to the earth I thought has influenced my feeling of connectedness and grounding to the earth. However, I underestimated the groundwork, which was laid, and also the power of appreciating a different view, like one harnessed by the treetops and birds. What a beautiful gift to live on the 7th floor, look out and still feel so connected to nature in the middle of a city with busy streets. To look out and see many tree tops, birds and planes flying in and out over the deep blue sea. Thanks to my husband for pushing me to grow.

“You ARE grounded” is not unfamiliar to us but how is it different from YOU are grounded? As children we were all too familiar with this term, but it didn’t have a positive connotation. What are the implications for how we consider sitting in silence, meditation or prayer? To many it feels like a punishment – perhaps a subconscious reminder of our youth; sitting in one place for hours or even just minutes in stillness was painful. To be forced to think about what we did and how we might do it differently. Instead, most of us developmentally only knew how to ruminate and consider how best to get out of having to sit/stand for longer or what chores we could pass off or skip.


What if we as adults “spinned” it and made the act of grounding the art of being grounded? What would that look like? What creative ways would you guide a child to become more grounded? Would children come to have a healthier outlook as adults? Would we ruminate less and meditate more? Complain less and be more meditative in our thoughts and actions? I would venture to say YES! Whether we like it or not and although we all have the ability to re-wire ourselves, it is not easy. We are programmed from childhood with a certain outlook and way of being and it carries through to adulthood unless we make the conscious effort to recognize where we can push ourselves to grow, color outside the lines and be with people. Really be with people and not because they eat the same food or speak the same mother tongue, or wear the same skin color, but because we see the divine being in them. We notice their inner source and we connect has vulnerable human beings.

Let’s get grounded and we will feel free enough to fly above the treetops.

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Pump it up with Pumpkins

It is the season for pumpkins and what a great time to celebrate all the health benefits that pumpkins offer. Let’s review a few benefits to feel great, look great and keep the holiday pounds off.

FEEL GREAT: pumpkins are packed with vitamin A, aiding our vision. As it is getting dark early, pumpkins especially assist with vision in dim light. The fiber in pumpkins can help keep us regular in the “Oval Office”, removing waste and toxins. Who doesn’t feel better when they are regular? Munching on pumpkin seeds can also help with removing bad cholesterol and trigger your good mood hormones to release. Just go easy on the salt okay? J

LOOK GREAT: Pumpkins can give your skin an extra glow by not only improving your mood but also by contributing to tighter skin by way of the free radical-fighting carotenoids in the pulp. Pumpkins can also actually help you keep some of the holiday pounds off with that extra fiber and filling soups that you can make, reducing your overall caloric intake. Remember to avoid adding refined sugar to pumpkin recipes; otherwise you will delete some of the benefits. One half cup of canned pumpkin only has 42 calories!

Did you know that pumpkins have loads of potassium? Pumpkins also contain calcium, enzymes, amino acids, vitamin C, and iron. Check out my pumpkin smoothie recipe for a great post workout rejuvenator and avoid getting cramps and sore muscles. Vitamin C is needed for proper absorption of iron which makes pumpkin a practically perfect food. Fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals! Enjoy integrating pumpkin into your nutritional plan today!

About the author: Udaya Thomas is a local Integrative Health Nurse Coach. Need a coach to meet your health goals? Visit her website for more information at

Join her this Saturday on World Diabetes Day November 14, 2015 from 2-3:30 pm for activities and discussion on Surviving the Holidays Without Gaining Weight. Workshop will be located at 2717 East Oakland Park Blvd. Suite #201. Free parking on right side of parking lot. $20 entrance fee. Bring a friend and get half off! (Elevator available).

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Placebo or Presence?

Quite often you hear health care providers say an intervention worked because it had a placebo effect. What exactly do they mean by that? Researchers use the term placebo when comparing an intervention like a specific medication with a “dummy” pill (placebo) to simulate as best as they can the TRUE effect of a medication and it’s potential side effects. In usual medical care, the meaning is quite different. For example, giving an antibiotic for a cold only because the patient wants a treatment even if the practitioner doesn’t think an antibiotic is warranted.

Let’s start with the definition. Placebo has two definitions and I would like to propose a third. According to the dictionary, a placebo is 1. A substance having no pharmacological effect but given merely to satisfy a patient who supposes it to be a medicine and 2. A substance having no pharmacological effect but administered as a control in testing experimentally or clinically the efficacy of a biologically active preparation. Contents are typically sugar, starch or saline.

Perhaps placebo is more than the lack of treatment, but rather the person really being present. Creating a medium in which self-healing occurs, like a petri dish that allows the right environment for growth or a plant in the right soil with the right amount or water and air. Presence is not something we can measure, but it is something we can sense.

If we are truly in the NOW we can let go of ego, expectations, and pain. We can feel and shine our inner light. Placebo is Presence. Presence is NOW. Let’s not dismiss the power of the placebo effect, the power of being in the Now. We are living beings and we cannot separate the physical from the mental, emotional and spiritual self. I would argue to say that conflicting research and changing medical guidelines are not just new discoveries, but also part of the fact that we are growing, evolving spirits. The Spirit cannot be measured and the Truth is your perception, therefore tapping into your Truth will be your cure.

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Mindful Eating

Eat in peace, Return to all your senses

Nourish every cell

Support the weak

Honor every bite

Now in the present moment

As it shall be

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The Seven-String Guitar

It is rare, but it does exist. What is it exactly about the #7 that appears over and over again and is far from being rare? Personally I am a fan of the #2 and #9, but I will save that for another reflection. Let’s focus on the #7. It is magical, spiritual, and therapeutic.
In storybooks, the number seven is used to signify different character traits like with the dwarfs. You can say each one is distinct, but one cannot really get along without the others. Is it coincidental that the lucky number seven appears in every rainbow with seven colors? That you can sail on seven seas and visit seven continents? It is more than magical. It is spiritual.
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The Most Difficult Patient

It’s a common question in interviews: describe the most difficult patient you have had and how did you handle the patient? I was asked again recently and it prompted me to write these thoughts….My answer to this question is: “I have never and will never have the most difficult patient”.

We have challenging situations in which our patients are suffering due to injury, genetics, environmental factors, medications, or poor lifestyle choices. They come to us for answers, for healing and guidance and sometimes just someone to talk to or motivate them.
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