Pump it up with Pumpkins

Date : November 11, 2015

Author : admin1

It is the season for pumpkins and what a great time to celebrate all the health benefits that pumpkins offer. Let’s review a few benefits to feel great, look great and keep the holiday pounds off.

FEEL GREAT: pumpkins are packed with vitamin A, aiding our vision. As it is getting dark early, pumpkins especially assist with vision in dim light. The fiber in pumpkins can help keep us regular in the “Oval Office”, removing waste and toxins. Who doesn’t feel better when they are regular? Munching on pumpkin seeds can also help with removing bad cholesterol and trigger your good mood hormones to release. Just go easy on the salt okay? J

LOOK GREAT: Pumpkins can give your skin an extra glow by not only improving your mood but also by contributing to tighter skin by way of the free radical-fighting carotenoids in the pulp. Pumpkins can also actually help you keep some of the holiday pounds off with that extra fiber and filling soups that you can make, reducing your overall caloric intake. Remember to avoid adding refined sugar to pumpkin recipes; otherwise you will delete some of the benefits. One half cup of canned pumpkin only has 42 calories!

Did you know that pumpkins have loads of potassium? Pumpkins also contain calcium, enzymes, amino acids, vitamin C, and iron. Check out my pumpkin smoothie recipe for a great post workout rejuvenator and avoid getting cramps and sore muscles. Vitamin C is needed for proper absorption of iron which makes pumpkin a practically perfect food. Fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals! Enjoy integrating pumpkin into your nutritional plan today!

About the author: Udaya Thomas is a local Integrative Health Nurse Coach. Need a coach to meet your health goals? Visit her website for more information at www.usolicare.com

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