Food is Fuel

Date : November 7, 2015

Author : admin1

Motivation comes in different forms and can be internal or external. Comparisons often make good motivators because they make you think more deeply about if you are living a life with intention and feeding your body, mind and spirit what is calling for. A desire to be at our optimal health takes understanding what health is to us and a desire to feel at the very best you can feel. This requires loving yourself and the source from which you came.

There are so many messages out there that go against being our optimal self. They come in fast, easy and cheap packages presenting an easier life when in fact they only  contribute to future health complications and it is then difficult to draw straight lines as our bodies are sophisticated and tolerant of abuse.

We are living breathing machines with a computer (brain), a pump (heart and vessels), and storage and processors (cells and organs). A comparison I often use with my clients and one that seems to ignite some motivation is CARS. Some might say we treat them better than we treat ourselves. I would say, let’s attempt to treat them as good. 1. Let’s provide the right fuel and minimize or avoid processed foods and dyes (cancer causing agents) When the body doesn’t know what to do with a substance, it either expels it or stores it for later. Although we would like to wish for always expelling, that is not what always happens and then this starts the cascade leasing to malfunction. 2. Cars move after fuel is put into them. You can’t add more fuel if they don’t move, right? So let’s move our bodies before we add more calories! If we don’t move, again we store fat and cause pain to our frame. 3. Let’s wash them routinely, keeping bad bacteria away and resisting illnesses. Frequent hand washing with mild (not antibacterial) cleanser is perfect and allows us to keep healthy bacteria on our skin for protection. Lastly, just for giggles as we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously…4. Let’s not wax more than once a month ;). It’s is hard on the skin! Remember to laugh every day and if you do cheat- don’t feel guilty do it with a BIG SMILE. Perhaps your body will then choose to expel versus store.

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